Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Monastery and Al-Qaeda's Diamonds Found

After Battiglia and I left Evan yesterday, the little boy who found him showed him a picture he had drawn of what looked like a church in a cave. Evan insisted that the boy bring him to this underground church and the boy did. The cave and the monastery within are about a mile from where we were looking. Evan broke protocol and did not inform Battiglia nor myself that he had found the cave and went there without us, slipping past the guarda we had at the house he's been staying at. When he and the boy arrived at the cave, he was shown an enormous church, rock hewn, inside. There, in the church, was the Pirandello's crucifix. Just as Molotov had said, the diamonds, hundreds of them, were inside the cross. Evan did not get the chance to take them as, much to his shock and horror, he had been trailed by none other than Albina Soriano's "dead" brother, Antonio, and the false priest, Strozzi (Arnout). He apparently feigned his own death and took part in both Evan's torture and Ms. Soriano's murder. He's being paid well by the Harakat-al-Mujadin. Evan and the boy escaped them before they were killed, but, unfortunately al-Qaeda now has the means, their diamonds, to carry out the sale of the suitcases from the Chechens in Albania. This has been a very, very bad day.

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