Thursday, November 29, 2007

Uranium could have made dirty bomb

Two Hungarians and a Ukrainian arrested in an attempted sale of uranium were peddling material believed to be from the former Soviet Union, and it was enriched enough to be used in a radiological "dirty bomb," police said Thursday.
The three, who were arrested Wednesday in eastern Slovakia and Hungary, were trying to sell about a pound of uranium in powder form, said First Police Vice President Michal Kopcik.
"It was possible to use it in various ways for terrorist attacks," Kopcik said.
Investigators were still working to determine who ultimately was trying to buy the uranium, which the three allegedly was selling for $1 million.
He said police had intelligence suggesting that the suspects — whose names were not released — originally had planned to close the deal sometime between Monday and Wednesday. Police moved in when the sale did not occur as expected, he said.
One of the Hungarians had been living in Ukraine.
Kopcik said three other suspects — including a Slovak national identified only as Eugen K. — were detained in the neighboring Czech Republic in mid-October for allegedly trying to sell fake radioactive materials. It was unclear to what degree, if any, they played a role in the thwarted uranium sale.
"According to initial findings, the material originated in the former Soviet republics," Kopcik said.
He said the uranium had been stashed in unspecified containers, and that investigators determined it contained 98.6 percent uranium-235. Uranium is considered weapons-grade if it contains at least 85 percent uranium-235.
The arrests heightened long-standing concerns that Eastern Europe is serving as a source of radioactive material for a "dirty bomb," which would use conventional explosives to scatter radioactive debris.
Experts say roughly 55 pounds of highly enriched uranium or plutonium is needed in most instances to fashion a crude nuclear device. But they say a tiny fraction of that is enough for a dirty bomb — a weapon whose main purpose would be to create fear and chaos, not human casualties.
Eastern Slovakia's border with Ukraine is the European Union's easternmost frontier, and authorities have spent millions tightening security in recent years, fearing terrorists or organized crime syndicates could smuggle in weapons, explosives and other contraband.
In 2003, police in the Czech Republic, which borders Slovakia, arrested two Slovaks in a sting operation in the city of Brno after they allegedly sold undercover officers natural depleted uranium for $715,000.
Slovak and Hungarian police worked together on the new case for several months, said Martin Korch, a Slovak police spokesman. He would not say how long the suspects were under surveillance, or detail how they were arrested and to whom they were trying to sell the material.
The Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency, which closely tracks reports of illicit trafficking in radioactive materials, said it was trying to contact Slovak and Hungarian authorities for more information.
Richard Hoskins, an IAEA official who administers the tracking database, said that last year alone, the U.N. nuclear watchdog registered 252 reported cases of radioactive materials that were stolen, missing, smuggled or in the possession of unauthorized individuals — a 385 percent increase since 2002.
But Hoskins cautioned that the spike probably was due at least in part to better reporting and improved law enforcement efforts. Of the 252 cases, about 85 involved thefts or losses, and not all the material was suitable for use in a weapon, he said.
Even so, "there are far too many incidents of material not being properly controlled," Hoskins told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. "If we can do a better job, we can help keep these materials from falling into terrorist hands."
If terrorists ever succeeded in gathering enough material to make a nuclear weapon and detonate it, he added, "the consequences would be so catastrophic, the world would be a different place the next day."
Concerns about nuclear smuggling have generally been focused on Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union, where security at nuclear-related industries deteriorated after the 1991 Soviet collapse.
The U.S.-based Nuclear Threat Initiative, an organization dedicated to reducing the global threat from nuclear weapons, said in a report last year that Russia remains the prime country of concern for contraband nuclear material.
In 2006, Georgian agents working with CIA officials set up a sting that led to the arrest of a Russian citizen who tried to sell a small amount of weapons-grade uranium that he had in a plastic bag in his jacket pocket.
In 1997, seven men who officials said planned to smuggle 11 pounds of enriched uranium to Pakistan or China were arrested in Novosibirsk, Russia. That uranium reportedly had been stolen from a plant in the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Associated Press Trying to Dispel the Truth

My wife e-mailed me a story that hit the AP newswire this weekend and I have to laugh. The reporter from AP writes that it's highly unlikely that nuclear suitcases exist or that those that I know for a fact have found their way into the hands of Ijaz in Berat never existed in the first place. It's funny that now, as this story unfolds, certain factions in the U.S. and abroad are downplaying the crisis looming ahead. Here's the story:

And here you will find the latest pictures of the suitcases that don't exist.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Pandora is a Go

Pandora is a go. More to follow. My coordinates are below. If I do not make it, please provide these to J. Sloane at the Cent. Int. in VA. or D.C.. God help me. God help us all.

Latitude 40.8003, Longitude 19.9167, Altitude (feet) 206Lat (DMS) 40° 48' 1N, Long (DMS) 19° 55' 0E Altitude (meters) 62

Monday, October 29, 2007

Muhammad Ijaz on the Move in Tehran

Latest news from Iran: Muhammad Ijaz has left the neighborhood he was staying at for these last months completely. His residence is empty. Intelligence confirms that he is en route to Albania. Latest intel also indicates wire transfer to Swiss accounts of recently defunct Afghanistan company, Globus One, complete. Suspicion of this company being a front for al Qaeda confirmed this weekend. Deal is done and Pandora can proceed. Contingent has been called up in England and we should see action in Berat this week or next. Stay tuned.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Back from Hiatus

Things went ice cold as far as the mission goes. After my hiatus in the UK we were told to stand down until further contact with Ijaz was made. We believe that he may very well be in Iran. Intelligence suggests that he has been staying near Tehran, but reports are vague at this point. Note the man at the far right of the photograph. We are 89% certain that this is Ijaz (with a mustache now). We do not know why he is in Iran at the present time but he has been there for 7 months now. A great deal has happened to me since my last post. I returned to the States under a different identity and have been awaiting orders for our next move. In another 30 days I should be in either Iran or Albania. Will post as I'm able. Things are beginning to heat up again.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I am alive and well

On August 22nd I was shot on the Island of Crete and have been in the United Kingdom for the last 5 months recuperating from my wounds. I had three bullets in my abdomen, one in my left thigh, and one in my right forearm. The mission to Albania has been delayed and Ijaz has yet to make the final purchase, according to our source in Berat. I am being discharged tomorrow and will be going to our muster point here in the UK. I will try and keep my blog up to date as events unfold here in the UK and in Albania. Thanks for being patient and thank God I'm alive to see my family again!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Taking a Break on Crete

Before we deploy to Albania I have decided to take a couple of days to rest and see the island. Our contact in the complex in Kucove tells us that there hasn't been any activity along the lines of "sales". Ijaz has left the camp and will be returning soon to finish the acquisition. Evan has gone into Ayios Nikolaos seeking any sign of Antonio and Strozzi-Arnout. I think he means to kill them by his demeanor. He does not seem at all like the person we first met in Rome. I will post as often as possible, but may be taking a break for the next week, between taking some rest and heading to the UK to meet up and brief the contingent. Here is a shot of a beach outside of Ayios Nikolaos. It's been a while since I was able to enjoy myself.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Contingent Prepapres for Mission

Battiglia phoned me this image of the preparations taking place in the U.K.. We will be deploying to Albania soon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Monastery and Al-Qaeda's Diamonds Found

After Battiglia and I left Evan yesterday, the little boy who found him showed him a picture he had drawn of what looked like a church in a cave. Evan insisted that the boy bring him to this underground church and the boy did. The cave and the monastery within are about a mile from where we were looking. Evan broke protocol and did not inform Battiglia nor myself that he had found the cave and went there without us, slipping past the guarda we had at the house he's been staying at. When he and the boy arrived at the cave, he was shown an enormous church, rock hewn, inside. There, in the church, was the Pirandello's crucifix. Just as Molotov had said, the diamonds, hundreds of them, were inside the cross. Evan did not get the chance to take them as, much to his shock and horror, he had been trailed by none other than Albina Soriano's "dead" brother, Antonio, and the false priest, Strozzi (Arnout). He apparently feigned his own death and took part in both Evan's torture and Ms. Soriano's murder. He's being paid well by the Harakat-al-Mujadin. Evan and the boy escaped them before they were killed, but, unfortunately al-Qaeda now has the means, their diamonds, to carry out the sale of the suitcases from the Chechens in Albania. This has been a very, very bad day.

Note Found in Albina Soriano's Flat Points to Pandora Plan

Just received word that in the ongoing investigation of Albina Soriano's murder a note in Arabic was found in the kitchen at her flat. The note details the technology of the nuclear suitcases in Albania.

Battiglia and I Visited Evan Today

Evan is resting up at the home of the family of the 10-year-old boy who found him along the beach. Apparently the trawler we put him on went down about one to two miles off the coast in the Gulf of Merabellou. Our people have been scouring the caves along the coast with no luck whatsoever. The reports of a monastery where Molotov may have hid the stones seem to be, thus far, false.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Helios Airways Crash Not an Accident

The news of the Helios Airways crash is everywhere over here. The media's reports of environmentals failure aboard the jetliner are inaccurate. This was no accident. Three of my closest colleagues and fellow patriots have perished and it's all related to the fact that they were on there way here, to Crete, to assist in locating al-Qaeda's diamonds. I am positively gutted over this. It is a setback, most definitely, but at least Evan is safe, under guard in Ayios Nikolaos.

Evan is Safe on the Island of Crete; Three of my Colleagues lost en Route to Greece

Evan has been located. Three of my colleagues were on their way to meet with us in Ayios Nikolaos and have perished in yesterday's airline crash in Grammatiko. More information to follow.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Evan Has Gone Missing

The fishing boat Battiglia and I put Evan on has not reached Ayios Nikolaos. It is roughly 22 hours overdue and we have not been able to make radio contact since 8:00 PM local time last night. There are reports of wreckage not far from where Battiglia and I are staying here in Crete. I am not optimistic that Evan survived if the boat went down. Will update as soon as we have more information.

Nuclear Suitcase Intercepted at Port of Calais

It doesn't get anymore frightening than this. Actually I suppose that it can. Today, my colleagues in the U.K. intercepted a Pakistani national trying to board a HoverSpeed boat bound for Dover from Calais. The man had been tracked since entering France by car from Germany. Inside one of his suitcases was one of the Soviet-era suitcases purchased by al-Qaeda in Moldova. The SN on the device matches that from the Soviet army manifest which includes the remaining devices that are in Albania. This will not be seen in the media as it was classified a "drug-related incident" by U.K. and French police at Interpol's request.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The American is Safe

We have decided to accomodate Evan. Both Battiglia and I have sent him on his way to Ayios Nikolaos on the coast of the Gulf of Merabellou, Crete. I cannot divulge by what means of transport, but suffice it to say he will be well-tended to. He should be on Crete by nightfall. Battiglia and I are leaving Rome within the next several hours. The body of Ms. Soriano is to be kept by the coroner's office in Rome until Evan can return to claim it officially. There are no next of kin. Will write once I'm in Ayios Nikolaos.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Very Bad Things Have Happened

Since yesterday some very bad things have happened here in Rome. Battiglia and I have just left Evan's girlfriend's flat where we spent a good two hours with Evan. On Sunday morning, after Battiglia had lost Evan's trail when he left Albina Soriano's apartment in Trastevere, Evan was kidnapped. He was taken to an empty warehouse not far from the flat, blindfolded, drugged, tortured for most of Sunday and yesterday. When they placed him in an office on a cot, he managed to slip away, not knowing who had done this to him. They were obviously trying to find out the location of the al-Qaeda diamonds. He gave them everything he knew, which wasn't much. Apparently, while they had Evan tied up in a warehouse, they also interrogated Albina at her flat, murdering her in the end. Evan is positively beside himself with grief. He is refusing medical treatment other than that he's already been given by the paramedics at the flat. Both Battiglia and I have divulged our identities to him, and have told him everything we know of why all of this has happened to him. He is bitter (drunk) and hell bent for leather on finding those responsible for his torture and the murder of his girlfriend. We gave him airline tickets home, but he has refused, threatening to blow our entire operation if we don't involve him. He wants to go to Crete with us and ultimately to Berat, to the Chechen camp. We're considering our options.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Lat/Long. For al-Qaeda/Chechen Complex

We've just heard from our plant in Albania that the location of the Chechen complex where the nuclear suitcases are palleted is as follows:

Latitude 40.8003, Longitude 19.9167, Altitude (feet) 206
Lat (DMS) 40° 48' 1N, Long (DMS) 19° 55' 0E Altitude (meters) 62

The contingent for eradicating the complex is being formed outside of Stansted, UK. I cannot disclose ETA of invasion. I should say, I will not disclose as it would endanger too many good men and women. Still no sign of Evan. Battiglia, whom I met with this morning, has lost his trail and there is no apparent activity at the girl's flat today.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Antonio's Funeral

Albina's brother, Antonio, was laid to rest yesterday afternoon just outside of Rome. Evan did not leave the girl's side all day. I followed them from a distance after the funeral (I have not seen Battiglia today). They walked around the Palatine for a couple of hours and then went back to Albina's flat in the evening. The priest, a Father Piero Strozzi, visited with Evan and Albina last night, but while I was parked outside her flat, both the American and the priest fell out into the street in a fistfight. The priest ran off into the night, leaving his gun (??) in the street. Evan took it back inside the flat where he stayed the night. This morning, he left her flat and walked to the market. I lost him in the crowd. He's been gone all day. I must find out what happened with Father Strozzi. Why would he have had a fight with Evan?

Friday, August 05, 2005

Battiglia to Follow the American

My counterpart, I'll refer to him only as Battiglia, will be keeping an eye on Evan, mostly for his protection, but also to see who from al-Qaeda will come calling. We've begun looking into Molotov's reference to an ivory cross in Crete. We've been scouring information regarding anything to do with crucifixes or crosses made of ivory and, not surprisingly, there isn't much there. We're looking into certain rumors about there being an immense crucifix carved out of Indian ivory brought to Italy by a fourteenth-century traveler and author by the name of Pirandello. It seems that the cross was given to Pirandello to present to Charles IV as proof that a certain Islamic leader of that time was tolerant of Christianity and its practices in his land. The cross served as a symbolic treaty of sorts between this Islamic leader and Charles IV. It remained in the Holy Roman Empire's possession until the late 1500's when it disappeared. It was believed to have been stolen from Luxembourg, and secreted away to a monastery in Crete, somewhere along the coast of the Gulf of Merabellou. In the mid 1600's the monks possessing the ivory cross were forced to rebuild their monastery deep inside a cave due to the military operations in Crete wagered against the Venetians by the Ottoman Empire. As far as the myths indicate, the cross is still in this monastery. The monastery as well as the cross may not even exist. Whether these diamonds are somewhere here, in Italy, or in some cave in Crete, we don't know. But we are positive of one thing; since Molotov passed this information on to Evan, we're ahead of al-Qaeda in this race for their diamonds. If they don't get them, that would be the end of their Pandora Plan, or at least it would be a major setback. They'd have to secure other funding. Luckily, it was in Evan's arms that Molotov died and not somebody working for al-Qaeda. Also, we learned this morning that Evan's girlfriend's brother was killed in a drunken driving accident last night. The funeral's Saturday. I plan on attending from afar. One more thing is my amazement at the fact that the information I've been posting on my web log since I've been in Rome is for the most part going unnoticed. Strange that while I was in the States I was being tracked down with nearly every word I typed. I'm being sarcastic, but truly it's as if my activity over here is going completely unnoticed Stateside. Which, I suppose, is both a blessing and a curse. More later.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

The American Found Molotov Last Night

Last night, while walking back from his girlfriend's flat in Trastevere, Evan found Molotov. Molotov, as we had already surmised, was badly injured by the Saudis before he managed to kill them. According to my counterpart here in Rome who, along with the Trastevere Polizzia, interviewed Evan this morning at the crime scene, Molotov died in Evan's arms. He told him not to trust someone named Arnout and to look for al-Qaeda's diamonds in a cross hidden in a monastery in Ayios Niklaus, Crete. My counterpart is convinced that Evan was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He's also convinced that he knew nothing of Molotov prior to last night and that he is now, like myself, in grave danger.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tong Killed in Car Crash

I followed the American, his grilfriend, and his girlfriend's brother to a restaurant called Il Palazzo Osteria near the Palatine. After dinner the three of them got into the brother's car, a sleek little Qvale Mangusta. I followed them in my rental at a safe distance, but Tong appeared out of nowhere and tried to run them off the road. The girl's brother made some impressive maneuvers near the catecombs of St. Callixtus and Tong crashed into the median, careening off the road. His car burst into flames with him still inside. At this point I think it safe to say that the American, Evan, has an incredible amount of dumb luck.

Also, I received a communique earlier this evening from the plant in Berat. Ijaz is still at the camp. Supposedly he wants to wait until this business in Rome is finished. By the way, the plant is the same individual who we in the agency had "stationed" in the al-Qaeda camp in the Rod Para Mountains, known as Meivand (named because of its proximity to a village of the same name, 30 miles west of Kandahar). Meivand, which was destroyed by U.S. warplanes, was one of al-Qaeda’s largest training camps in Afghanistan, with infrastructure to support up to 700 fighters. The plant had been under cover as one of the instructors at the “school” there. His lessons at Meivand focused on terror attacks, but were interspersed with instructions on firing missiles, laying and mapping mines and tactical fighting in the mountains. Some of his lessons were dedicated to learning al-Qaeda’s code, and copious notes in notebooks left behind by his students were filled with keys to the terror organization’s secret language, a paper trail that is helping America and its allies undermine the al-Qaeda network.

Monday, August 01, 2005

More on the American

As far as I have learned the American, Evan, is not tied in any way to Molotov. I think he may be the unfortunate victim of circumstance. By taking the photograph of the Saudis in St. Peter's he has somehow been implicated in this whole affair. The Italian woman he's taken up with is a woman by the name of Albina Soriano (both of them pictured). I have been following them to see if there are any other al-Qaeda operatives on their trail and, I am sorry to say, there are. Namely, there is an Asian operative by the name of Liguo Tong (pictured from 1996) whom I know quite well from his time as a hitman for Jun Guoliang, one of China's most notorious drug lords and black marketers. He is on his latest and (most likely) most lucrative mission: find the diamonds that Voltaire had stolen, turn them over to Harakat-al-Mujadin or al Qaida or whatever they're calling themselves these days, so that they can fund their "Pandora" operation. So far Tong has not made contact with the American nor his lady friend.

News and Rumor

News and Rumor

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Evan, Molotov's (Possible) Partner

The American Embassy in Rome forwarded me the American's passport information. He's taken up with an Italian woman in Trastevere. I followed him to her flat where he stayed for roughly 2 hours this afternoon before returning to the Moderno. Will continue to follow him this evening.

Saudis Murdered

This morning I received word from my contact in the Rome polizzia that the Saudis who were trailing Molotov and the American are dead. All indications point to the fact that they confronted Molotov and he killed them both. But they must have wounded Molotov very badly as there is a lot of blood trailing away from the crime scene. I must find him before long. I cannot risk him dying before I find out where al-Qaeda's diamonds are. I'm going to trail the American, Evan.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

The American

Today was quite the busy one here in Rome. Early in the morning I went to Molotov's hotel and found the two Saudis waiting for him. All three of us, the Saudis and myself, waited (of course separately) for him to appear, but after four hours the Saudis decided to go elsewhere. Out of sheer curiosity I followed them to the Hotel Moderno where the American man who snapped their photo at the Vatican is staying. I suppose they assumed if they weren't to catch the "Big Fish", Molotov, they'd try for the "Little Fish". The American, I've learned, is a 26-year-old from Pennsylvania. I don't see any connection between--let's just call him Evan--and Molotov, but I'm having some folks at the agency run a check on him. The Saudis followed Evan through the coliseum and the forum at a comfortable distance. Near the forum someone swiftly bumped in to Evan quite hard. I think they may have gotten his wallet. Anyway, at one point Evan realized the Saudis were following him and tried to loose them by running down a narrow alleyway. I lost all three of them.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Blog Delayed by Osman Hussain Arrest Involvement

Sorry I haven't posted since yesterday. I was tied up by my assistance with the arrest of Osman Hussain, a British national who is tied with the failed London transit bombings on July 21st. With that sordid business out of the way, I will be able to tail Molotov again. The two trailing him are Saudi nationals, members of Qa’idat al-Jihad. Apparently Molotov has helped himself to Voltaire's diamonds, not delivering them to Faya-Largeau in Chad like he was supposed to do earlier this week. He was in Crete, but I'm not sure where exactly. Also, the Saudis are trailing a young American, the one who took their photograph in St. Peter's Square yesterday. He's staying in central Rome at a place called "Moderno". I'm not sure if he's working with Molotov, but will find out soon enough.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Molotov on the Move

I received the phone call from Molotov's hotel about 15 minutes after my last post. I followed him to the Vatican. I think he may simply be sightseeing (I snapped his picture in the main narthex of St.Peter's. I thought for a moment he may have suspected me of following him, but he moved on). I noticed after a short time that I was not the only one following him. I took this photograph of two men who followed him through the Vatican museum. At this point they were simply watching him outside the Vatican walls. I noticed that someone else took their photograph while they followed him through St. Peter's square. One of them stopped briefly, approached the young man, but then continued after Molotov. I lost all of them in the crowd. Will go to Molotov's hotel in a little while.

New Image from Berat Terrorist Training Camp

No luck trailing Molotov so far. He's decided to sleep the day away in his hotel. My man at his hotel will ring me as soon as he sees Molotov on the move. Just received this new image from our plant in Berat. Apparently the camp is comprised of enormous block and mortar walls surrounding an old village. The buildings of the old village are used to train the mujahadeen and the Chechen rebels in street warfare.

I'm in Rome

Arrived in Rome safely. I got to my hotel shortly before noon local time and had a couple of hours of sleep. I'm two blocks away from where Molotov is staying. I'm going to trail him today. I called the States and spoke to my wife. She's safe and sound at her sister's. Thank God. Will write a little later.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Guantanamo Bay Naval Base Detainee Confirms Suitcase Purchase

My source at Camp X-Ray has confirmed that over the weekend this detainee, newly arrived from Pakistan, has corroborated my intelligence regarding the 132 nuclear suitcases and al-Qaeda's Pandora Plan.
Shortly after arriving on a C-141B Starlifter, the detainee was told in his native Arabic that he was in Cuba and he then began the 45-minute intake process. This prisoner’s process, unlike all of the others, was not monitored by the Red Cross. The routine included a delousing and a brief physical. He was fingerprinted and photographed. He received a light halal, a religiously appropriate meal for a Muslim, and then led to an interrogation room, a freshly built wood building with an air conditioner, no windows.
Three guards accompanied him, one on either side and one behind. One of the guards put a hand behind the head of the detainee, forcing him to look down.
Moments later five “human intelligence collectors” from a unit known as Joint Task Force 170 entered the room. The interviewers came from the ranks of the armed services, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the CIA and the FBI. I was given their names but don't know any of them personally.
The inquisitors had determined their strategy during a huddle prior to entering this particular interrogation. Without physical coercion or drugs, they broke down their subjects' resistance with all the tricks careful interrogators are known to use: They would poke holes in his stories, pretend to already know the answers they sought from him, mislead him about who else had been captured and play good cop-bad cop. This particular detainee would prove to be extremely difficult to break down, this initial interrogation taking a full 17 hours. But at the end of the session, the interviewers emerged from the interrogation room dazed, each with the look of men who had just received a death sentence. He told them that al-Qaeda had purchased a majority of the suitcases. And they're buying more.

At Airport without Incident

I made it to the airport lounge without incident. Will be departing for Rome in a few hours.

Muhammad Ijaz

Before I leave for Rome, I wanted to post the only known photograph of Muhammad Ijaz, the al-Qaeda leader who is currently in Berat, waiting for the diamonds in order to finalize the transaction for the nuclear suitcases with the Chechens. He is circled in the photograph, standing behind this undated photograph of Senior Islamic Jihad leader Nafez Azzam speaking during an anti-Israel rally at the Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

Image of Nuclear Devices from Berat

I managed to get an image of one of a purported 6 pallets of nuclear suitcases from the complex outside Berat. Our plant in the al-Qaeda camp, who will remain nameless for his safety, is sending images via his cell phone.

The Chechen, Molotov, in Ciampino Airport, Rome

Here is Molotov, arriving in Rome yesterday evening. I am going to Rome tomorrow and will be there by Thursday morning. Apparently Molotov stopped in Greece en route to Rome. I'm to go to Rome to find out whether the diamonds meant for al-Qaeda are with him there. There is a possibility that they may be in Greece, Crete to be exact. Will know soon.

Our House was Ransacked

When my wife and I arrived home from the museum, we found that our house had been ransacked. Nothing was stolen and luckily I had my laptop with me. My wife and I are staying with relatives out of State. Tonight was very frightening. I'm beginning to truly fear for my life and I'm not entirely sure where to turn. I received an encrypted e-mail a short time ago from my source in Rome that Molotov has arrived in Rome. He was spotted at Ciampino airport and is staying in a hotel in Trestavare. I've booked myself on the 6:10 P.M. flight to Rome. Will blog once I'm in Italy. I've got to reach him before he meets with al-Qaeda.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I was followed Tonight

My wife and I had an engagement at a museum not far from where we live this evening. We thought, due to recent events, that getting out for a night on the town would do us some good. When we arrived we noticed two men following us. They are not CIA as they were VERY obvious.
They are in the digital photograph my wife took of them, each circled.

Molotov Dispatched to Kill Voltaire

I just learned that Diderot Voltaire has been tracked down and murdered in Alaska by a Chechen rebel named "Molotov". Apparently he tracked Voltaire down with the assistance of some Inuit in Alaska. He now has the diamonds and should be couriering them to al-Qaeda's agents in New York or Rome. I'm not sure where, but should hear back from my sources tomorrow. Molotov is pictured on the far left in the photograph. Rumor has it he's merciless. I just received a few phone calls which were hang ups. I don't know at this point whether it's just the CIA trying to silence me or al-Qaeda, or both. If I stop blogging for more than a few days, please contact John Lewis at the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington. He's the only one I trust at this point. If I cease to write you know something's happened to me. Tell Lewis the Sparrow is caged. He'll know what and who you mean.

Operative's Name is Voltaire

Apparently the operative who absconded with al-Qaeda's money and diamonds meant for the procurement of the remaining nuclear suitcases is a man named Diderot Voltaire (Pictured at a lecture in Vienna, 2003). He's holed up in the Alaskan Arctic and apparently al-Qaeda is EXTREMELY eager to get his exact whereabouts.

I'm in Grave Danger

I went to the farmers market near my home this afternoon. I used my wife's car since I have to have my windshied repaired. While shopping for tomatoes, a small, slightly balding man with olive-toned skin and a large mole just below his right eye grabbed my wrist as I reached for a jersey prime. I tried to shake free, but his grip was incredibly strong. I think I recognized him from my time in Grenada in the 1980's. I received the video capture of the market's security camera this afternoon from their security guards. I think his name is Borch or Berick. He's CIA and he has a penchant for cloak and dagger as well as killing. All he said to me before disappearing in the crowd was "Drop it. Just drop it before you start a fucking panic." That was it. Then he was gone. I went home, told my wife. I think we may have to disappear for a while. I'll keep blogging as often as possible. My contact in Berat tells me that roughly $80mm in rough cut diamonds that was earmarked for al-qaeda's final purchase of the remaining nuclear devices has disappeared. Apparently the operative that was to safeguard the stones went awol last week. Rumor has it he's in Alaska. Will do some digging into this latest development.


This morning I woke up to the sound of my car windshield being smashed. When I went outside to investigate, no one was there but a small note with child-like handwriting on it was left, tucked into the passenger-side handle. The message was loud and clear. It read:

You talk, you die.

I assume this is related to my blog about the intelligence I have in my possession regarding the nuclear suitcases in Berat. Will keep you posted.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Just a Matter of Time

It will only be a matter of time before al-qaeda acquires nuclear suitcases. There are approximately 132 nuclear suitcase-size bombs missing from the former U.S.S.R.'s cold war arsenal. Some speculate that they are in the hands of black marketeers or Chechen rebels. I know exactly where they are and when they are to be used. Bin Laden was extremely excited to read in the N.Y. Times that these nuclear suitcases were missing. Before 9/11 he made several enquiries into the procurement of these devices. In 2000 I was on government business in Rome and was caught up in a cat-and-mouse game of re-acquiring these devices. No one is aware of this (save for the CIA) but there is a massive terrorst training camp in the mountains outside of Berat, Albania. Most of the nuclear devices are held here. It is only a matter of time until al-qaeda, namely Muhammad Ijaz, bin-Laden's number one operative in the middle-east (don't let anyone fool you---he's the BIG CHEESE--not some bonehead pinned up in Iraq). In 2004 the Chechen army sold 86 of the devices to the Shura Al-Majlis ( I witnessed the transaction in Moldova). The al-Qaeda plan (codename Pandora) is to wait until they have all 132 devices. Within 6 months of final acquisition they are to systematically detonate one device in a Western city at a time, holding the West hostage until every "invader" has left the holy sites of Islam. There is a king's ransom being asked for these devices and al-Qaeda is on a shopping spree, having to first wait until their coffers are full before completing the transaction with the Chechen army. My assignment in Rome threw me head-long into this situation. I'd say that al-Qaeda is roughly 12-18 months away from detonating their first suitcase either in Western Europe or the eastern U.S.. Some intelligence is pointing to Bethesda, MD or the Midlands in the U.K.. Anyone interested in learning more about what I know and how I know it, please respond and I'll let you know....eveything.