Monday, August 01, 2005

More on the American

As far as I have learned the American, Evan, is not tied in any way to Molotov. I think he may be the unfortunate victim of circumstance. By taking the photograph of the Saudis in St. Peter's he has somehow been implicated in this whole affair. The Italian woman he's taken up with is a woman by the name of Albina Soriano (both of them pictured). I have been following them to see if there are any other al-Qaeda operatives on their trail and, I am sorry to say, there are. Namely, there is an Asian operative by the name of Liguo Tong (pictured from 1996) whom I know quite well from his time as a hitman for Jun Guoliang, one of China's most notorious drug lords and black marketers. He is on his latest and (most likely) most lucrative mission: find the diamonds that Voltaire had stolen, turn them over to Harakat-al-Mujadin or al Qaida or whatever they're calling themselves these days, so that they can fund their "Pandora" operation. So far Tong has not made contact with the American nor his lady friend.

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