Sunday, August 07, 2005

Antonio's Funeral

Albina's brother, Antonio, was laid to rest yesterday afternoon just outside of Rome. Evan did not leave the girl's side all day. I followed them from a distance after the funeral (I have not seen Battiglia today). They walked around the Palatine for a couple of hours and then went back to Albina's flat in the evening. The priest, a Father Piero Strozzi, visited with Evan and Albina last night, but while I was parked outside her flat, both the American and the priest fell out into the street in a fistfight. The priest ran off into the night, leaving his gun (??) in the street. Evan took it back inside the flat where he stayed the night. This morning, he left her flat and walked to the market. I lost him in the crowd. He's been gone all day. I must find out what happened with Father Strozzi. Why would he have had a fight with Evan?

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