Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Very Bad Things Have Happened

Since yesterday some very bad things have happened here in Rome. Battiglia and I have just left Evan's girlfriend's flat where we spent a good two hours with Evan. On Sunday morning, after Battiglia had lost Evan's trail when he left Albina Soriano's apartment in Trastevere, Evan was kidnapped. He was taken to an empty warehouse not far from the flat, blindfolded, drugged, tortured for most of Sunday and yesterday. When they placed him in an office on a cot, he managed to slip away, not knowing who had done this to him. They were obviously trying to find out the location of the al-Qaeda diamonds. He gave them everything he knew, which wasn't much. Apparently, while they had Evan tied up in a warehouse, they also interrogated Albina at her flat, murdering her in the end. Evan is positively beside himself with grief. He is refusing medical treatment other than that he's already been given by the paramedics at the flat. Both Battiglia and I have divulged our identities to him, and have told him everything we know of why all of this has happened to him. He is bitter (drunk) and hell bent for leather on finding those responsible for his torture and the murder of his girlfriend. We gave him airline tickets home, but he has refused, threatening to blow our entire operation if we don't involve him. He wants to go to Crete with us and ultimately to Berat, to the Chechen camp. We're considering our options.

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