Sunday, January 29, 2006

I am alive and well

On August 22nd I was shot on the Island of Crete and have been in the United Kingdom for the last 5 months recuperating from my wounds. I had three bullets in my abdomen, one in my left thigh, and one in my right forearm. The mission to Albania has been delayed and Ijaz has yet to make the final purchase, according to our source in Berat. I am being discharged tomorrow and will be going to our muster point here in the UK. I will try and keep my blog up to date as events unfold here in the UK and in Albania. Thanks for being patient and thank God I'm alive to see my family again!


Anonymous said...

Are you still around ?....Hope all is well

Anonymous said...

look baby:in this son-of-bitch wear and tear with Nkorea,some son-of-bitch terrorist will explode a nuclear minibomb (do not say from where)in Washigton or New York.United States will respond quickly by targeting koreans.China can not stay silent and will respond by a major nuclear attack,and in the next time you will not be well or alive.Just wait to see !