Saturday, July 30, 2005

The American

Today was quite the busy one here in Rome. Early in the morning I went to Molotov's hotel and found the two Saudis waiting for him. All three of us, the Saudis and myself, waited (of course separately) for him to appear, but after four hours the Saudis decided to go elsewhere. Out of sheer curiosity I followed them to the Hotel Moderno where the American man who snapped their photo at the Vatican is staying. I suppose they assumed if they weren't to catch the "Big Fish", Molotov, they'd try for the "Little Fish". The American, I've learned, is a 26-year-old from Pennsylvania. I don't see any connection between--let's just call him Evan--and Molotov, but I'm having some folks at the agency run a check on him. The Saudis followed Evan through the coliseum and the forum at a comfortable distance. Near the forum someone swiftly bumped in to Evan quite hard. I think they may have gotten his wallet. Anyway, at one point Evan realized the Saudis were following him and tried to loose them by running down a narrow alleyway. I lost all three of them.

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