Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm in Grave Danger

I went to the farmers market near my home this afternoon. I used my wife's car since I have to have my windshied repaired. While shopping for tomatoes, a small, slightly balding man with olive-toned skin and a large mole just below his right eye grabbed my wrist as I reached for a jersey prime. I tried to shake free, but his grip was incredibly strong. I think I recognized him from my time in Grenada in the 1980's. I received the video capture of the market's security camera this afternoon from their security guards. I think his name is Borch or Berick. He's CIA and he has a penchant for cloak and dagger as well as killing. All he said to me before disappearing in the crowd was "Drop it. Just drop it before you start a fucking panic." That was it. Then he was gone. I went home, told my wife. I think we may have to disappear for a while. I'll keep blogging as often as possible. My contact in Berat tells me that roughly $80mm in rough cut diamonds that was earmarked for al-qaeda's final purchase of the remaining nuclear devices has disappeared. Apparently the operative that was to safeguard the stones went awol last week. Rumor has it he's in Alaska. Will do some digging into this latest development.

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