Thursday, July 28, 2005

Molotov on the Move

I received the phone call from Molotov's hotel about 15 minutes after my last post. I followed him to the Vatican. I think he may simply be sightseeing (I snapped his picture in the main narthex of St.Peter's. I thought for a moment he may have suspected me of following him, but he moved on). I noticed after a short time that I was not the only one following him. I took this photograph of two men who followed him through the Vatican museum. At this point they were simply watching him outside the Vatican walls. I noticed that someone else took their photograph while they followed him through St. Peter's square. One of them stopped briefly, approached the young man, but then continued after Molotov. I lost all of them in the crowd. Will go to Molotov's hotel in a little while.

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