Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Molotov Dispatched to Kill Voltaire

I just learned that Diderot Voltaire has been tracked down and murdered in Alaska by a Chechen rebel named "Molotov". Apparently he tracked Voltaire down with the assistance of some Inuit in Alaska. He now has the diamonds and should be couriering them to al-Qaeda's agents in New York or Rome. I'm not sure where, but should hear back from my sources tomorrow. Molotov is pictured on the far left in the photograph. Rumor has it he's merciless. I just received a few phone calls which were hang ups. I don't know at this point whether it's just the CIA trying to silence me or al-Qaeda, or both. If I stop blogging for more than a few days, please contact John Lewis at the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington. He's the only one I trust at this point. If I cease to write you know something's happened to me. Tell Lewis the Sparrow is caged. He'll know what and who you mean.

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