Monday, July 25, 2005

Just a Matter of Time

It will only be a matter of time before al-qaeda acquires nuclear suitcases. There are approximately 132 nuclear suitcase-size bombs missing from the former U.S.S.R.'s cold war arsenal. Some speculate that they are in the hands of black marketeers or Chechen rebels. I know exactly where they are and when they are to be used. Bin Laden was extremely excited to read in the N.Y. Times that these nuclear suitcases were missing. Before 9/11 he made several enquiries into the procurement of these devices. In 2000 I was on government business in Rome and was caught up in a cat-and-mouse game of re-acquiring these devices. No one is aware of this (save for the CIA) but there is a massive terrorst training camp in the mountains outside of Berat, Albania. Most of the nuclear devices are held here. It is only a matter of time until al-qaeda, namely Muhammad Ijaz, bin-Laden's number one operative in the middle-east (don't let anyone fool you---he's the BIG CHEESE--not some bonehead pinned up in Iraq). In 2004 the Chechen army sold 86 of the devices to the Shura Al-Majlis ( I witnessed the transaction in Moldova). The al-Qaeda plan (codename Pandora) is to wait until they have all 132 devices. Within 6 months of final acquisition they are to systematically detonate one device in a Western city at a time, holding the West hostage until every "invader" has left the holy sites of Islam. There is a king's ransom being asked for these devices and al-Qaeda is on a shopping spree, having to first wait until their coffers are full before completing the transaction with the Chechen army. My assignment in Rome threw me head-long into this situation. I'd say that al-Qaeda is roughly 12-18 months away from detonating their first suitcase either in Western Europe or the eastern U.S.. Some intelligence is pointing to Bethesda, MD or the Midlands in the U.K.. Anyone interested in learning more about what I know and how I know it, please respond and I'll let you know....eveything.

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